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Commission Syndicale de la Vallée de Saint-Savin



Your refuge experience

To enjoy your stay as best as possible, follow our recommendations :

Be organised :

Take time to contact us by e-mail or calling us to make sure that the refuge is opened, to communicate us your arrival date, to tell us if you plan to take your meals at the refuge, to tell us how many persons will stay and if your are coming with children. That way you will be sure to get board and lodging.
Don’t forget also to inform us if you come at a late hour and to cancel your booking if finally you change your plans.

Be far-sighted :

Put a light sleeping bag liner in your rucksack and a headlamp. Tired snorers are sometimes numerous in the dormitories, so don’t forget your earplugs which will save your night certainly.
Don’t forget to charge your mobile phones before visiting us. In fact, the power supply of your refuges is mostly produced by photovoltaic panels for collective use.
Make sure to have always something to cover you up and to protect you from bad weather. Mountain hazards are numerous and sometimes prevent you to come up there.

Enjoy sharing :

The life in a refuge is a moment to share. We will ask you some help by being on time for meals, clearing the table, letting the bedrooms in order and taking back all your trash and refuse. To keep the refuge clean, we will ask you to wear the clogs made available for you upon your arrival.

Finally, for a proper experience at the refuge, we ask you to remain silent after a determined time. Some people wake up early to continue their hike so it is important to respect their sleep.

That being said, we guarantee the best welcome.

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